NORIES TROUT PROGRAM – Limited colors – Slovakia – Czech Republic


The colour scheme of this spoon is a reliable combination of black body and prominent colour trigger. The black colour is incredibly effective since the fish sees the spoon from below as a very dark silhouette in contrast with bright sky. Red dots on white base are added as a trigger to provoke the trout to attack. We chose dark gold colour for the bottom part of the spoon with a gradient darker shade that softens the overall shine of the spoon and works as a subtle trigger. Spoon has softly shiny look and is great to use even in later rounds of trout tournaments.


Experienced Trout Area competitors already know that sometimes during a tournament a shiny spoon can do more harm than good. This happens when the water is either too clear and cold or the trout is simply not interested in bright shiny materials of regular spoons. This black matte spoon with very bright pink trigger dots on white base is made exactly for these kind of situations. The spoon is a very successful tool for later rounds of tournaments.


This spoon combines modern Trout Area experience with traditional patterns of classic trout spoons. Bright orange body is dominated with black dots on white base reminding of eyes. The bottom part of the spoon is black to emphasize the contrast of the two sides. When pulling the spoon in the water the bright orange part with “eyes” flickers in contrast with the black part.


This spoon is perfect to use when the trout is active and your aim is not only to catch the fish but to catch more than your opponent. Combination of bright pink and white perfected with dots as an effective trigger will help you mainly in the early rounds of tournaments to get ahead of your opponents.


This spoon is made to be very effective in the first couple of throws when the fish is still active, aggressive and is also meant to last being effective for as long as possible. The colour scheme at the top of the spoon is based on the popular NORIES 101 but instead of the ellipse we designed isolated red dots as a trigger. Red dots are a very common pattern in nature on the body of a wild trout or reminding of fish roe. The bottom part has a special contrasting dark base with glow elements.