The Nories Pelican Minnow a minnow that you can cast further than you would expect! 

The Pelican Minnow is an area-specific minnow from Nories. It has a 50mm slim body that makes it difficult to apply pressure. And it’s equipped with a thick pelican lip in the center of the lip. The biggest feature of the completely new concept of “Pelican Lip” is the thickness of the central part that extends to the tip of the lip. By increasing the volume of the lip, the center of gravity of the lure is moved forward. So after landing on the water, it quickly starts working.

The thickness acts as resistance, suppressing the movement of the front of the lure and concentrating the action on the tail side. Therefore, bites are concentrated on the tail, maximizing the benefits of the tail one hook specification. In addition, the castability, which was a weak point of long bill minnows, has been improved by the pelican lip acting as a casting fin and stabilizing the flight attitude. How to use it is “stop and go”. Compatible with a wide range of retrieve speeds from slow to quick. This is an item that specializes in “minnowing style” that stimulates the bite of fish with an active lure. Lure especially suitable for technically skilled Trout Area Anglers. - General partner of Trout Area Slovakia

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