Trout Spoons

Spoons are a popular spinning bait. They are the most commonly used lures for trout fishing on Trout Area and belong to the basic equipment needed for trout competitions. In our offer you will find different spoon types and colors. However, we would like to present some brands in more detail.


Nories spoons are made directly in Japan and are very popular worldwide among Trout Area professionals. You can find them in the loadout of the world’s best competitors.


High quality spoons made in Japan. In their offer you will find legendary types such as Forest MIU and Forest PAL.

Vanfook Limited Edition

Limited series from the Japanese company Vanfook, which produces top-quality hooks. Vanfook made a collaboration with well-known Japanese manufacturers of spoons that are fitted with their hooks.

SV Fishing Lures

SV Fishing Lures represent the Ukrainian Trout Area tradition on our market. These are top competition products, as Ukraine and Russia are countries that love and understand Trout Area fishing.


Lacko are handmade products from experienced Slovak manufacturer. - General partner of Trout Area Slovakia

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