SV Fishing Metal Twitch Spoons

The Frog series is patterned to mimic common frogs, a staple in the diet of many fish

The Metal Twitch is a unique spoon, it was created specifically for a twitching presentation. It demonstrates not only beautiful side to side wobbling while twitching but consistently provokes predatory fish to strike. Rear-displaced gravity centre and significant curve of the front part force Metal Twitch to respond to inertial motion very quickly and run back, if you loosen the line on a pause.

Sweeping, active motion on even presentation is coupled with excellent casting characteristics. The Metal Twitch an all-purpose lure in terms of application conditions. Especially, coupled with perfect action with wide side to side wobbling when jigging. The “flair” of the Metal Twitch is a possibility to combine different animation types in one presentation, allowing to create unmatched efficient options. The spoon demonstrates excellent results when angling for asp, chub, pike perch, pike, perch and rainbow trout. - General partner of Trout Area Slovakia

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