FishUp Ozi

FishUP is a legend in the world of soft baits for trout fishing. Who does not know today’s almost traditional lures such as PUPA or TANTA. Trout fishing is developing dynamically, and so the experts at FishUP. In cooperation with trout fishing professionals, are bringing to the market a lure FishUp OZI that has absorbed this development and now offers you the opportunity to succeed even where other anglers simply do not know how to catch fish.

The FishUp OZI has a curved shape, is made of soft but durable material and can be cast far, with a tiny tail at the end that acts as a trigger. Whether you lead the OZI with a light weight, or with a heavier jig and let it rotate as it falls. Thanks to the strong cheese aroma and perfectly tuned shape, you can catch a very passive trout. - General partner of Trout Area Slovakia

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