Koketka spoon became an outright bestseller for the most diverse fish angling in any conditions. Its rhythmical sweeping game retains stability both in fast and very slow presentations. Owing to this the lure can be used at different depths, in still water and on stream.

Koketka has an excellent action when presenting on stream and does not fail into the spin in fast retrieval. It can be presented at a snail’s pace luring the pike from its shelter, as well as it can quickly flee from a hunting chub fish. It attracts fish at various speeds, at even, jerking, wave-like presentations, perfectly works in drifting presentation. The spoon perfectly catches pike and perch, it is exceptionally attractive for asp, chub and ide. Small-sized lures are good for non-predatory fish– red-eye, sabrefish etc.

Lure’s single hook is a tremendous advantage when angling for a pike in plant-filled still water. It easily passes through thin water lilies, causing no problems for hooking and holding a fish. The spoon starts working at the slowest speed and can be presented at various depths. In each case it remains attractive for fish. That is the Koketka’s secret!

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