• Original japanese micro spoon for tournament Trout Area fishing.
  • Micro body with wobble-based actions!
  • Strength vibration + small body, it is very rare combination
  • Very easy to use
  • FATA – For All Trout Anglers
  • Precisely tuned color scheme
Color chart:
No.16. “Brown black” : – The dark brown color is the ideal color when the activity is low and you need to catch a trout.
No.17 “Orange – Brown” Effective when a little activity remains. It is also good as the search color used for the first throw.
No.18 “Brown mustard” Representative color of pellet color. There is a blinking element, and the color is easy to use.
No.19 “Pellet Pink” It is effective when the trout is attacking the surface layer.  If you don’t react with color No.18 “Brown mustard”, use this color.
No.20 “Sand Chart” Pellet color with appeal. Recommended for low light and muddy water.
No.21 “Pin Pin Gray” A special color that seems to be blinking but not blinking, with two types of pink layered on the surface. It is a helpful color when you are in trouble.
No.22 “Gray Brown ” This color has a great effect near the bottom where the amount of light is low.
No.23 “Olive Brown” Whether it’s clear water, muddy water, or a pool, it’s a versatile color that can be used anywhere.
No.24 “Green Yellow” A color that is good at the timing when the released fish have stopped activity.
No.25 “Blue White” It is a metallic color that suppresses reflection and is recommended for low light.

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